Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week 8: Preliminary Portfolio -- A requirement for the PhD program

When doctoral students are near to the end of their coursework, they must complete a preliminary examination. This is one of the final steps before beginning work on their dissertation.
The preliminary examination can take three forms: a portfolio, a written examination or combination of both. In this session Yasemin Demiraslan and Vanessa Preast share their electronic portfolios and tips on how to be successful when fulfilling this requirement.

Panel members: Yasemin Demiraslan (, Farrah D. Yusop and Vanessa Preast (

Panel facilitator: Connie Hargrave


  1. Special thanks to Jacob Larsen, Jennifer Reed, Vanessa Preast and Yasemin Demiraslan for sharing with us their insights and products.

  2. This week's topic was helpful since I was able to hear from those in the program who are a bit ahead of me in the preliminary portfolio process. This helped to clarify the process I will be going through in the future. Having them show their portfolios and offer some tips were beneficial features of this seminar.

  3. It is always helpful hearing from people's experience even though every situation is different. Having the chance to look at sample products also greatly beneficial. I think it would benefit all graduate students to actually devote some space on CTLT website for this specific topic as suggested in the seminar or even provide space for questions. Look forward to seeing that online.

  4. It was very beneficial to hear from the doctoral students. Being able to hear about the portfolio process was interesting and helped me to see what other people are doing as they are working towards graduation. I agree with Shu that devoting web space for this topic is well worth it. Thanks for sharing.