Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week 10: Preparing Pre-service Teachers for Online Teaching: A Research Study

Presenter: Lily Compton
Facilitators: Becky Popelka / Brian Fodrey

Abstract: The first study represented the literature review portion that included a critique of an existing skills framework for online language teaching. It also included a proposed framework for online language teaching skills and a look at the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in an online learning system.

The second study reviewed literature on conceptual change and proposed a conceptual change framework to help pre-service teachers increase their awareness of online education, commonly known in the US as virtual schooling (VS). This study used a grounded approach to identify common preconceptions, misconceptions, and concerns of VS based on secondary data that included pre-service teachers’ personal journals and responses to a set of materials related to VS in part of a curriculum intervention in a pre-existing introductory field experience course at a large Midwestern university. Findings were complemented by insights from an interview with the course instructor and the researcher’s journal. It shows the importance of identifying pre-service teachers’ preconceptions, misconceptions, and concerns about VS to facilitate the selection of relevant resources and the design of curricular activities.

The third study was a case study of a pilot virtual early field experience. An in-depth analysis was conducted on the data that included personal journals and reflections from three teacher candidates at a large Midwestern university. Findings were complemented with insights from interviews with the VS teacher and the university field placement director, and the researcher’s journal. The article sheds light on the importance of virtual field experiences to facilitate the understanding of VS.


  1. Lily did a great job presenting her research and articulating the main points that would be of interest to the audience. I found it useful to see someone's dissertation work and have them discuss it since I will begin embarking on my dissertation work soon.

  2. Lily has set a good example for me how research can be done to fulfill requirements from both ALT and CIT programs. I also think it's a great idea to somehow incorporate and integrate three different studies into her dissertation. This is only my first semester, but this presentation gets me thinking. It's never too early!

  3. I think that there is a need for pre-service teacher research, so I found Lily's presentation very interesting. The virtual teacher shadowing seems very beneficial. Lily mentioned that this is where it clicked with the participants. All the things they were learning about and reading about came into focus. They were able to experience real world teaching experiences through technology. I know from experience this is very true. I learned so much from observing and working with veteran teachers. This would be very helpful as a first year education college student.