Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Week 12: Ethnography and Educational Research

Presenter: Mimi Lee, University of Houston.

Dr. Mimi Lee is an assistant professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Houston. She received her Ph.D in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University at Bloomington in 2004 with an ethnographic study focusing on the complexities of intercultural understanding in a rural learning environment. Her research interests include theories of identity formation, sociological examination of online communities, issues of representation in education and critical theory in instructional design.

In this presentation, Dr. Lee will provide a brief overview of critical ethnography as a qualitative research method and discuss its possible uses in educational inquiry.

Suggested explorations:

Facilitators: Dennis Culver / Jacob Larsen


  1. Interesting presentation. The ideas about how to derive interview questions following observations was enlightening. Based on the reading, I found the distinction between root imagery as a holistic experience of noticing and visual perception to be quite interesting.

  2. I found Dr. Lee's presentation to be very helpful. I found her example of how data can be changed depending on the person giving the questions or by the setting was very true. It's important to be sure that your questioning and surveys are done in a manner that will not influence your data collection. Research is a difficult process and Dr. Lee's views were interesting.